Your True Colours

Understanding your best colours

Do you know what colours will make you look best as you get older? Which will have a positive effect on your face? Understanding which colours  will give you a natural glow, make you look your best can have a huge impact on your appearance. Identifying your pallet can be transformational in the way you look and feel!

Colour analysis is so much more than identifying your most enhancing colours by establishing if you are a warm or cool skin tone. Have you ever wondered what colours are best worn to an interview? What colours are most calming or uplifting? Research shows that colours can have a psychological effect on our well being, boost confidence and influence our mood! Mindfully choose your colours each day. 

The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you.

Coco Chanel

Your True Colours

A colour session can be held at your home as an individual session or with a few friends. Natural light is preferred.

Your colour session will include:

  • A seasonal colour analysis using drapes. We will assess your skin and identify a palette of colours that will flatter your skin tone, making it look even and attractive and enhance your overall appearance by highlighting your best features.
  • Advise on how to introduce colour in to your  wardrobe and how to make it work with your current wardrobe pieces.
  • Discussion and advise on personal make-up palette, accessories and hair colour.

Colour Analysis from £40 1 hr session (£50 if you would like your own personalised colour wallet)

I’m am thrilled that my colour training was delivered by Senior Colour Lecturer at LCS, colour expert and author Jules Standish. I have since completed my Advanced Colour Training in March 2019.

Colour analysis will be included in all style sessions as part of the style experience.

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