It’s Time to Slow Down

I’ve just spent the morning editing a clients wardrobe. Like most multitasking, busy ladies getting dressed in the morning can feel overwhelming. It’s not that she doesn’t have anything to wear, her wardrobe is overflowing but the truth is she wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time. Her bulging wardrobe isn’t working for her!

Since launching Life With Style almost a year ago I consider myself extremely fortunate to be welcomed in to the homes and WARDROBES of my clients. Over the last months I have become extremely interested in shopping habits ( mine to! ) and of course the slow/ fast fashion discussion that can’t be ignored.

For many it’s about ease of consumption. We are not spending less but buying more pieces as cheaply as possible.

What is Fast Fashion?

For years we have been living in a fast fashion world. We obsess frequent style drops. Fast fashion brings cheaper drops and trends delivered to our high street quickly after being spotted on the runways or worn by a celeb. We need the high street version before it sells out and have fallen hard in the habit of buying a new outfit for every occasion.

  • Does it fit and flatter? How does it make me feel?
  • What will I wear it with? What else?
  • Where will I wear it to? Where else?
  • What do I have that’s already similar?

The problems raised by the fast fashion industry can’t be ignored. Its time to slow down and consider the environmental impact and human cost. It’s estimated that £140 million of clothing will go in to landfill each year!

What Steps Can We Take To Become a Better Consumer

Making small changes in the way we buy clothes will make us look and feel better!

One of the best shopping habits you can adopt ( which of course is fitting with sustainability) would be to buy fewer but well selected clothes. Clothes that you will wear longer. It’s time to build a CAPSULE WARDROBE.

A Capsule Wardrobe of essential timeless fashion items. Owning a smaller number of wardrobe staples that can be worn effortlessly will pay rewards in terms of time and effort. It will make your wardrobe manageable yet stylish all whilst supporting a slow fashion pace!

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

1. Choose Your Colour Scheme
It’s good to have a little balance and consistency
Consider base colours ( your neutrals)

2. Your True Colours
What colours will have a positive effect on your complexion?
Identifying your pallet can be transformational on the way you look and feel!

3. Consider your Body shape – choose styles that fit and flatter and build proportion to your silhouette.

4. Buy in to seasonal trends with Caution

5. High Quality Fabrics – invest in the best you can!

Aim for a smaller collection of intentional purchases that bring more joy.


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